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About Us

eTopia Communications Inc. has been a trusted solutions provider since 2008. We are dedicated to finding the best products, solutions, and services for our customers and Business Partners across Canada. We have over a decade of experience with implementations and rollouts across a wide variety of verticals, and specialized and non-specialized business requirements.


Whether it is a Commerical Off the Shelf (COTS) solution, or a highly customized solution for a niche emerging market; having the right combination of hardware, software, and expertise is the key to the success of your business. A thorough understainding of your business needs and customer base will help optimize your Return on Investment (ROI), with timely and cost-effiective solutions.

Security Infrastructure

With the increased prevalence of data breaches, hacking, and social engineering; security is now more important than ever. Implementing best practices in authentication and reputable software in physical, virtual, and network systems is your best defense.

Blackberry Messaging

Breathe new life into existing mobile devices with a cost-effective mobile-first communication system. With enterprise-grade end-to-end encryption, security and privacy are unrivaled.

Home Security

Keep your home, posessions, and family safe with the most secure and reputable integrated home security and smart monitoring systems.

POS Solutions

Manage sales transactions for any type of business, from front-end cash register software, to inventory management. Get the best solution for your business with credit, debit, and gift card integration with payment terminals.


Your online store presence is imperative in a competitive market. Rapidly proliferate your online sales with a polished and professional-looking Web site with a low-maintenance backend that processes payments and transactions.

Web Apps

Web-based applications can be accessed from almost any computer or mobile device with a Web browser. Deliver high-quality applications to your customers with a Web-based front end; and powerful, intelligent backend services.

Home and Life Automation

Simply for your life by establishing rule-based events and actions to leverage all the benefits of your technology and smart devices, with low-touch systems that are easy to use and just stay out of your way.

Telecom Consulting and Contract Negotiation

Leverage the knowledge of experienced experts, who understand the complexity and scale of any organization. Negotiate the lowest cost on straightforward contracts, without hidden limitations.

Charitable Giving

Establish relationships with charitible organizations, to facilitate events, drives, and donaitons. Make a difference in the world, and help do great things.

Creative Agency Partnership

Establishing partnerships with Creative Agencies, specializing in PR and Design. Agencies who understand your business help maximize reach and impact though Marketing initiatives.

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